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Strategy and planning are at the heart of effective marketing. During initial planning, media channels, audiences and performance metrics are determined. Traditional media – typically those ‘above the line’ - radio, print, TV and out-of-home have been the backbone of a marketing strategy, driving brand awareness and consideration. However, this media is based on the premise that: 1) you can only be in market at certain times making interactions sporadic; 2) your target audience may or may not be actively seeking out your product – making the communication interruptive; 3) evaluating success metrics can be vague and problematic. With the addition of ‘below the line’ media such as PR, SEO, paid search and social platforms we can now refine marketing strategies to target specific consumers, at specific times with accurate analytics – driving preference and purchase. 

These two media approaches have been the basis for comprehensive planning however consumers are changing, their needs and expectations are changing. They demand more of brands. A more personal and intimate connection. Welcome Gather Round, your engagement marketing expert. Engagement marketing should be considered an invaluable supplement to any marketing strategy.  Engagement denotes dialogue. It’s about conversations, not campaigns. Brand expressions, not impressions.

Customer engagement is how a brand attracts, serves, and keeps profitable customers for life. 


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